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New construction & luxury home renovations- Zee Hopman Constructors

Renovations, remodeling & finish work- Brian Keefe @ BESK Enterprises

Upper Keys Property Management Thomas Gibson

Middle Keys Property Management & Remodeling: Jason Noe @ Mike Noe Remodeling & Property Management


Title/Closing Companies:

Florida Title

Coral Reef Title


Horizon Mortgage Services/Claudia Stober 305-664-4664

Community Bank-Lisa Feliciano 305-766-0643


Regan Insurance

The Morgan Insurance Group

The Johnson's Insurance Agency

Pool Services:

Rhino Pools

Hanf Pool Services

Home Technology Solutions:

Innovative Technology Solutions


Conch Tree & Landscape

Tim Matthews Tree & Landscape 305-853-7044

Air Conditioning Services:

Island Air Control

Water Services:  Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority; FKAA
Middle Keys: Marathon - 3200 Overseas Hwy 305-829-6161; Fax: 305-289-0170
Upper Keys: Tavernier - 91620 Overseas Hwy 305-853-1999; Fax 305-852-2300

Items you will need for water service:
1.  Driver's license
2.  Social Security Number
3.  Deposit
4.  If rental unit - bring a copy of the lease

Electric Services:  Florida Keys Electric Co-Op; FKEC
Marathon: 3421 Overseas Hwy, MM 48.8 305-743-5344
Tavernier: 91605 Overseas Hwy, MM 91.5 305-852-2431

Items you will need for electric service:
(Visit the office BEFORE 3pm for same day service)
1.  Driver's license
2.  Social Security Number
3.  Deposit
4.  In rental unit - bring a copy of the lease


Cable & Internet providers

Comcast Cable Company

1-800-266-2278 or 305-2928376
1700 S. Roosevelt Blvd.
Key West, FL


AT&T Telephone and Internet Service

Residential 1-888-757-6500 or Business 1-866-620-6000

Storage Facilities:

Morada Storage 664-8101
Storage Solutions 852-7900
Easy Storage 664-9737
Key Largo Mini Storage 451-4111
Sunset Storage 664-4643
Upper Keys Commerce Center Storage 852-5900
U-Haul Self Storage 451-0677

Marathon Garbage Service 4290 ½ Overseas Hwy 305-743-5165
City of Marathon, Duck Key and Conch Key

Keys Sanitary Service 300 Central Avenue 305-451-2025
Upper Keys - Long Key, North and Key Largo

AmeriGas Propane
District 5055
86400 Overseas Highway
Plantation Key, FL 33036
(305) 852-3229

Key West: 400 Whitehead Street 1-800-ASK-USPS
Big Pine Key*: 29959 Overseas Hwy 305-872-2531
Islamorada: 82803 Overseas Hwy 305-664-4738
Key Colony Beach: City Hall 305-743-2249
Key Largo: 100100 Overseas Hwy 305-743-2249
Long Key: 68340 US Hwy 1, Layton 305-664-4112
Marathon: 5171 Overseas Hwy 305-743-5238
Summerland Key*: 24700 Overseas Hwy 305-745-3391
Tavernier: 91200 Overseas Hwy 305-853-1230

*From 1994 to 1996, the Lower Keys began going through a transition from Rural Routes to regular street addresses for 911 purposes.Many mailboxes still have a Route Number and/or Box number on them. If you have any doubt, call the Post Office to verify which address is correct. There are some houses where mail delivery has not been established with the Post Office. Therefore, if there is no mailbox at the property you purchased go to the Post Office and obtain the instructions and specifications before you install a mailbox as they have some specific requirements. The Post Office will assign you your new address.

Key West: Lower Keys Medical Center 5900 College Road 305-294-5531
Marathon: Fisherman's Hospital 3301 Overseas Hwy 305-743-5533
Tavernier: Mariners Hospital MM 91 ½ 305-852-4418

Monroe County Main Library Branch Locations:
Key West: 700 Fleming Street 305-292-3595
Big Pine: 213 Key Deer Blvd 305-872-0992
Islamorada: MM 81.5 on the Bay side 305-664-4645
Key Largo: 101-4 Trade Winds Shopping Center 305-451-2396

Monroe County Tax Collector's Office - www.monroetaxcollector.com
Key West: 1200 Truman Avenue 305-295-5000
Key West: 3439 S. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-293-6338
Big Pine: Big Pine Key Shopping Center 305-295-5000
Marathon: 3101 Overseas Hwy, MM 48.5 305-295-5000
Tavernier: 88700 Overseas Hwy 305-295-5000

New residents must register their vehicles & obtain Florida license tags within 30 days establishing legal
residency or by the day they begin work in Florida or by the time they register their children in school.

Items you will need to register your vehicle:
1.  Proof of ownership
2.  Proof of insurance
3.  Previous out-of-state title and registration
4.  A state form that includes the vehicle identification number & odometer reading
5.  Valid driver's license and a second from of personal identification
6.  The vehicle you are registering
7.  All individuals shown as owners must be present when registering the vehicle

Monroe County Tax Collector's Office - www.monroetaxcollector.com
Key West: 1200 Truman Avenue 305-295-5000
Key West: 3439 S. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-293-6338
Big Pine: 201 Key Deer Blvd.305-872-3652
Key Largo: Trade Winds Plaza MM 101 305-853-3562
Marathon: 3380 Overseas Hwy, MM 49 305-289-2306

1.  New residents are required to pass only a visual examination if they have a valid driver's license from another state.
2.  An appointment for all those getting drivers´ licenses is recommended.
3.  A new license costs $20 & is valid six years. License renewal is $15; replacement cost is $10.
4.  Drivers must be at least 16 yrs old to qualify for a driver's license & 15 to get a restricted operator's permit.
5.  Bring your valid out-of-state driver's license and some other form of identification
6.  Driver's licenses & driver's tests are available Tuesday - Friday 7am to 6pm.

Monroe County Tax Collector's Office - www.monroetaxcollector.com
Key West: 1200 Truman Avenue 305-295-5000
Key West: 3439 S. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-293-6338
Big Pine: Big Pine Key Shopping Center 305-295-5000
Marathon: 3101 Overseas Hwy, MM 48.5 305-295-5000
Tavernier: 88700 Overseas Hwy 305-295-5000

Registration is required on all boats with motors, regardless of size.  A valid out-of-state registration of any pleasure craft is recognized for up to 90 days in Florida.  After that, Florida registration is required.  Fees vary according to the length of the boat. Newcomers from out of state should bring their title &/or registration. Registration is handled through the vehicle registration offices.

You may register at any bank or library in Monroe County or call the voter registration office in your community.
Key West: 3439 S. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-293-6338
Big Pine: 201 Key Deer Blvd.305-872-3652
Key Largo: Trade Winds Plaza MM 101 305-853-3562
Marathon: 3380 Overseas Hwy, MM 49 305-289-2306

Monroe County School District
- www.monroe.k12.fl.us
Main Office, 241 Trumbo Road, Key West 305-293-1400
Florida Keys Community College
- www.fkcc.edu
Main Office, Key West 305-296-9081

Monroe County Tax Collector's Office - www.monroetaxcollector.com
Key West: 3439 S. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-293-6338
Big Pine: 201 Key Deer Blvd.305-872-3652
Key Largo: Trade Winds Plaza MM 101 305-853-3562
Marathon: 3380 Overseas Hwy, MM 49 305-289-2306

Licenses are available from the tax collectors office as well as bait shops.
You can also call 1-888-347-4356 and should have a credit card ready.

Local City Offices:
Key West: www.keywestcity.com - 525 Angela Street 305-809-3700
Key Colony Beach:www.keycolonybeach.net - 600 W. Ocean Dr. 305-289-1212
Layton - P.O. Box 778 305-664-4667
Marathon City Hall -  www.ci.marathon.fl.us 10045-55 Overseas Hwy 305-743-0033
Village of Islands Islamorada - www.islamorada.fl.us - 87000 Overseas Hwy 305-664-2345

Monroe County Government Center
 - www.co.monroe.fl.us
Key West:1100 Simonton St. 305-292-4441
Monroe County Growth Management Division - www.co.monroe.fl.us
Marathon:490 63rd Street, Suite 140 305-289-2517

A.  Code Enforcement -
Lower Keys: Key West: 1100 Simonton St. Gato Bldg. - Room 1-171 305-292-4495
Middle Keys: Marathon: Government Ctr, 2798 Overseas Hwy Ste 330 305-289-2810
Upper Keys: Tavernier: Plantation Key Gvt. Ctr, 88820 Overseas Hwy 305-852-7135

B.  Planning and Environmental Resources - www.co.monroe.fl.us
Middle Keys:Marathon: 2798 Overseas Hwy Ste 400 305-289-2500
Upper Keys:Tavernier: 88800 Overseas Hwy 305-852-7100

C.  Building Department - www.co.monroe.fl.us
Lower Keys: Key West: 5503 College Rd./Juvenile Justice Bldg. Rm 2030 305-295-3990
Middle Keys: Marathon: 2798 Overseas Hwy Ste 300 305-289-2501
Upper Keys: Tavernier: 88800 Overseas Hwy 305-852-7100

Monroe County Clerk´s Office- www.clerk-of-the-court.com
Lower Keys:Key West: 500 Whitehead Street 305-809-3831
Middle Keys: Marathon: 3117 Overseas Hwy 305-289-6027
Upper Keys: Plantation Key: 88820 Overseas Hwy 305-852-1469

Monroe County Property Appraiser - www.mcpafl.org
Homestead Exemption: To qualify for homestead exemption for the first time, each person must have legal title to the property, as recorded in the official records of Monroe County, and who resides thereon and in good faith make the same his permanent residence, or the permanent residence of another or other legalls or naturally dependent upon such person. Each person must reside on the property, have legal title and provide proof of residency as of January 1st of the year that they are applying. Property Owners can pre-file for homestead exemption. The deadline for filing for the upcoming tax year is March 1.

Lower Keys: Key West: Old Courthouse, 500 Whitehead Street - rear of bldg. 305-292-3420
Middle Keys: Marathon Govt Center MM48, 2798 Overseas Hwy Ste. 310 305-289-2550
Upper Keys: Plantation Key - Jerry Ellis Bldg MM 88.7 Tavernier 305-852-7130

Bring the following documents to prove ownership and Florida residency dated prior to January 1st of the year in which you plan to file:

1. Deed as recorded in the Official Records of Monroe County
2. Voter Registration Card or Declaration of Domicile
3. Florida driver's license
4. Florida vehicle registration
5. Social Security Number
6. Mobile home owners must bring the title(s) or registration(s) for the mobile home

When filing for a homestead exemption, additional information will be requested from you:
1. Address on last income tax return
2. Current employer(s) of owners
3. Date of each owner's permanent Florida residence
4. Date of occupancy
5. Exemptions filed last year (yes/no)
6. Present address of co-owner not residing on property

State of Florida Government - www.state.fl.us

Monroe County Sheriff's Office - www.keysso.net 1-800-273-COPS
Lower Keys:
Key West - 5525 College Road 305-292-7000
Cudjoe Key - Freeman Substation 20950 Overseas Hwy 305-745-3184

Middle Keys:
Marathon Substation - 3103 Overseas Hwy 305-289-2430

Upper Keys:
Islamorada: Islamorada Sheriffs District - 87000 Overseas Hwy 305-853-7021
Tavernier:  Spotswood Substation, Plantation Key - 88770 Overseas Hwy 305-853-3211

City Police Departments
Key West: 1604 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-292-8200
Key Colony Beach: 600 W. Ocean Drive 305-289-1212

Florida Highway Patrol
1-800-240-0453, Statewide cell number: *FHP

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Key West International Airport 305-296-5439
Marathon 305-743-2155

Greater Key West Chamber: 305-292-2587
Greater Marathon: 305-743-5471
Big Pine: Lower Keys Chamber: 305-872-2411
Islamorada Chamber: 305-664-4503
Key Largo: 305-451-1414

Monroe County Emergency Management - 490 63rd St. Ocean Ste 150, Marathon 305-289-6018, 1-800-427-8340
National Hurricane Center - www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnhc.shtml

For up-to-date emergency and weather related information tune to:
1. Local radio
2. Cable TV channel 16 & 52
3. NOAA weather radio: 162.550-Miami; 162.400-Key West; 162.450- Islamorada

Check your local BellSouth Real Yellow Pages phone book in the Community Information section for more detailed information on hurricane/severe weather preparedness.

The Florida Keys Keynoter
: 3015 Overseas Hwy, Marathon 305-743-5551
The Key West Keynoter
: 2720-A N. Roosevelt Blvd., Key West 305-296-6989
The Key West Citizen
: 3420 Northside Dr., Key West 305-292-7777
: Florida Keys online news
The Independent: 103400 Overseas Hwy, Ste. 201-202 305-451-1887
Key Largo Free Press
: 81549 Old Hwy, Islamorada 305-664-2266
Upper Keys Times
: 101411 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo 305-453-5454
The Key Largo/Tavernier & Marathon Weekly
: 5409 Overseas Hwy, Marathon 305-743-0844
The Reporter/Keynoter
: 91655 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier 305-852-3216


Key Largo Moose
Tavernier Elks
Islamorada Moose
Key West Moose
Marathon Moose
Key West Elks


Burton Church- MM 92 Tavernier
Keys Jewish Community Center- MM 92, Tavernier
Key West Jewish Center

Easy Key Lime Pie:
1 16oz. tub of Cool Whip
1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk
1 cup Key Lime Juice
1 Graham Cracker Pie crust

Mix first three ingredients and pour into pie crust refrigerate for 1 hour and ENJOY!

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