If you think the real estate professional in town that has 100 listings is the one you should hire, consider this:

  • If they have that many listings, how could they possibly be in so many places at the same time to show them? Often times they cannot, and they hand the keys to your home to just about anyone.
  • Do you think they discussed pricing these properties realistically, or did they just tell the owners what they wanted to hear to rack up the listings? We don’t want to list your house for an unrealistic number and then tell you weeks later we need a reduction. That’s counterproductive and precious market time can be wasted.
  • How many of those listings really sell?  And how could they possibly answer and return all of the calls and emails that come in on them all?
  • What if your agent goes on vacation? Who shows your house? Hiring two of us ensures that one of us will always be in town to show your property.
  • Does that other agent use a lockbox? We like the security of our own homes. We respect yours. We do not use lockboxes.

There are so many professional considerations when it comes to selling your home. We choose quality over quantity. We will be honest with you when you ask if this is the right time to sell your home. The Florida Keys market is extremely cyclical, and timing is everything. Please give us a call so that we can discuss this cycle!



When you visit the Keys, most of the time you are on vacation, right? We know that. You are here to enjoy your time, not spend every moment seeing properties (or, maybe you are)! With that in mind, we prefer to schedule showings well in advance of your visit. Because we are a secondary market, many properties tend to be occupied with vacationing tenants. Last minute showings do not ensure entry, and we want to maximize your experience here. We cannot stress enough the need to schedule your showing times as far in advance as possible. Last minute showings these days can be rare, especially in high season.

How well does your real estate professional know the area? How long have they lived there? Do they know the clearance of each bridge, access to the ocean/bay side? The nearest boat ramp? Do they listen to your needs or just show your their listings? Do they educate you well in advance of your visit? Have they given you resources for your tax fact checks, insurances, etc.? Taxes and insurances tend to be surprisingly higher than folks from outside the state of Florida are used to. Checking on these things is almost as important as buying the house itself.

We like to consider our buyer customers as new friends, and we are here to help you decide where you will ultimately call home (or, your temporary home). When we sell you a house, we hope that you are so happy that you will never want to re-sell it. Life happens, but every time we run into past customers, we love to see the smiles on the faces of our new residents and see that they’ve adapted to our beautiful, small community with all of the wonderful other people that call the Florida Keys home! Welcome!

Work With Us

Sabrina and Sarah are dedicated to helping you find your luxury home and assisting you with any selling needs you may have. Contact us today and start making your Florida dream come true!