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Florida Keys Real Estate: The Upper Keys

An island life awaits those who buy Florida Keys Real Estate. One of the greatest treasures of the Florida Keys is the most extensive coral reef system in North America.  With the distinction of being the third largest coral reef system in the world, it runs all the way from Virginia Key to Dry Tortugas. It is the only living barrier reef in the United States. Ancient shipwrecks share the reef, along with an esoteric group of sea creatures.

The Keys are a tropical isle of romantic images. The feature film Key Largo was filmed here in 1948. Key Largo links to the mainland by the first of 48 bridges. It is a home to marinas, diving and snorkeling shops, and a destination to the finest saltwater and freshwater fishing. In the Gulf Stream are the large sailfish, dolphin, tuna and marlin.

Key Largo is known as the Upper Keys. Having a sunset cruise and catching fish for your dinner is an experience unique to the Keys. A casual lifestyle around your own home’s tiki bar is a favorite experience down here.



Islamorada is part of the Upper Keys. A fishing haven, it extends over the islands of Lower Matecumbe Key, Plantation Key, Upper Matecumbe Key and Windley Key. The Spanish upon first gazing upon the islands noticed a purplish hue and thus the name isla morada.

A temperate climate means the Keys never dips to a freezing temperature and the thermometer never goes above 100 degrees, either. Soft trade winds ply the islands like a velvet breeze. The Keys is truly America’s tropical paradise.


Florida Keys Real Estate:

Florida Keys Real Estate in the Middle Keys provides you with a laid-back lifestyle and easy water access to another world. Life moves to the tempo of the Caribbean.  Ancient coral reefs are nestled in between the turquoise waters of FloridaBay and the Atlantic Ocean. Small-town island living is the experience that draws people here and anchors them to Marathon and the Middle Keys.

Marathon is the largest city in the Florida Keys. A family-oriented city, Marathon hosts a number of annual events and has some of the finest restaurants with fresh fish, stone crab, lobster and shrimp all featured items. The Original Marathon Seafood Festival is held every March and is a 37-year tradition. It also features a boat and art show. If you buy real estate in Marathon, you are just a boat ride away from the crystal waters of a world-famous diving location– Sombrero Reef, just outside the beach of the same name.


The year-round warmth and peaceful waters of the Florida Keys draws real estate buyers and investors from around the world. An abundance of exotic plants, birds and brilliantly-colored fish thrive on these tropical islands. Beyond the SevenMileBridge are the Lower Keys including Key West. Wherever you’re located in the Keys, when you buy Florida Keys real estate, you’ll enjoy one of the best environments in the world.

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